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“πŸ˜±πŸ’” BREAKING: Barcelona Fans in Shock as Gavi Faces Uncertain Period on the Sidelines with ACL Injury! βš½πŸ€• Don’t Miss the Urgent Update on How Long the Midfield Maestro Could Be Out – Devastating News Unveiled!”

The midfield player is scheduled to have surgery.

Gavi may miss more than eight months of time due to an ACL tear he sustained while playing for Spain internationally, Barcelona has been informed.

The young midfielder for the Catalan giants has sustained a “complete tear” of his ACL and a “associated injury to the lateral meniscus,” the team announced on Monday.

Gavi will now have surgery in the next days, and Barca will probably give a timeframe for his potential return at that point.

It will be a while before Gavi returns to the field, though, as Dr. Ripoll of the Ripoll and De Prado Sport Clinicβ€”a FIFA-accredited medical center of excellenceβ€”warns.

“Recovery in six months is not likely to occur; it will take at least eight.” You can fully heal and a strong recovery is vital,” he informed Jijantes.

Should the projection turn out to be accurate, Gavi will miss the remainder of the season, the Olympics, the Euros, and the preseason before making a comeback.

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