“Xavi’s Youthful Revolution: 16-Year-Old Barcelona Midfield Prodigy Shines in Marc Guiu’s Footsteps – Exclusive Report”

Joe Lee

Marc Guiu’s debut goal for FC Barcelona’s senior team has once again drawn attention to La Masia, and according to Mundo Deportivo, the next in line is expected to be midfielder Marc Bernal, who Xavi is keeping an eye on.

The report mentions that Bernal, who was born in 2007, is an integral member of Barça Atletic. Interestingly enough, just like Guiu, Bernal was on the scoresheet as well on Sunday in a 3-1 win against Sestao.

Adjectives fall short for Bernal

Bernal joined La Masia at the tender age of 6 after his remarkable left-footed shots and his physical stature had already made him stand out in the youth circuit.

MD writes that his talent first caught the eye of scouts during a tournament while playing for Nàstic de Manresa, where he displayed his exceptional skills, even though he was competing with older junior players.

In the final match against Espanyol, he left a mark by scoring a hat trick. This remarkable performance marked the beginning of a meteoric rise through the ranks of the Blaugrana.

The only way is up

Bernal, exhibits remarkable versatility, as he adeptly uses both his left and right legs. This weekend, he ventured into the role of a right-footed interior in an exceptional experiment that showcased his adaptability.

Beyond his impressive technical skills, Marc’s physical attributes are equally noteworthy, especially given his young age. Standing tall at 6’1” with a robust build, he possesses a rare combination of height and strength for a player in his age group.

For what it is worth, the whole generation from 2006-07 is making a lot of noise within the club, as apart from Guiu and Bernal, the likes of Hector Fort and Pau Cubarsi are also knocking on the first-team doors.

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