“Unveiling Barcelona’s Star-Studded XI: The Glorious Lineup That Dominated Real Madrid 3-0 in 2005!”

Joe Lee

At the Santiago Bernabeu on November 19, 2005, Barcelona easily defeated Real Madrid 3-0, embarrassing their opponents.

The No. 10 for Frank Rijkaard’s team stole the show in the second half, scoring two goals and earning a standing ovation from the Madrid supporters after the team took the lead in the fifteenth minute.

At the conclusion of the 2005–06 season, Barcelona won both La Liga and the Champions League, but we want you to identify Rijkaard’s Xl from their victory over Madrid.

After this, how about trying to name every player to have played for Real Madrid and Barcelona since 1990? That would be a great task.

Create a Planet Sport account if you haven’t already in order to have access to hints for those challenging questions, see which ones you missed, and see your score on the scoreboard.

I wish you luck, and remember to tweet us at @planetfutebol with your results.

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