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“Transfer News: Two Premier League teams are vying with Tottenham for a Juventus winger. “

Newcastle United and Crystal Palace are Tottenham Hotspur's rivals for Matias Soule.

Spurs are in the running for Juventus’s exciting young player, Matias Soule, who is currently making waves at Frosinone on loan, as transfer rumors swirl.

In addition to drawing attention from onlookers, the 20-year-old Argentine has piqued the interest of Newcastle United and Crystal Palace, potentially igniting a tug-of-war in the Premier League.


With just 13 appearances across multiple competitions, Soule has contributed six goals and an assist, making his performances in Italy nothing short of remarkable. His versatility as an attacking midfielder and right winger enhances his skill set and makes him a desirable prospect for teams looking for dynamic attacking options.

The Premier League is reportedly taking notice of the 20-year-old due to his impressive performances, according to Mundo Deportivo via ESPN.


Soule might be seen by Spurs as a useful addition to their team. Soule could be in a setting that fosters his growth, with players like Brennan Johnson already displaying promise and captain Son Heung-min setting a great example for aspiring wingers.

The similarity to Juventus’s successful acquisition of Dejan Kulusevski lends an intriguing aspect to the possible transfer. Spurs supporters may be excited about Soule’s potential to follow a similar path, given Deki’s notable influence at the team.

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