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“Tottenham’s €35m Bargaining Chip Move”

Since Inter Milan is currently leading Serie A, the local media has taken a slight interest in the club and its players, exaggerating their abilities and levels of popularity.

Denzel Dumfries may be heading to the Premier League in that sense, according to InterLive, which first mentioned interest from Chelsea and Manchester United.

It is then mentioned that a Tottenham trade might be the final result. The article claims that Spurs are aware of Inter’s long-standing interest in Emerson Royal and are therefore open to using him in any transaction.

The Brazilian is reportedly valued at €35 million by Tottenham, who would offer him to Dumfries in a straight trade. That would allow Emerson to leave Spurs, which he has stated he is willing to do, and allow the Dutchman to move to the Premier League and make more money.

Inter currently values Dumfries at €50 million, but they may need to reconsider that if a contract renewal isn’t agreed upon quickly. With a contract that expires in June 2025, the 27-year-old will be under pressure come summertime.

Then, Tottenham may “put the offer of his registration on the table” and utilize their player as a “bargaining chip.”

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