“Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Embraces Inclusivity: A Heartwarming Gathering for the Level Playing Field South Forum”

Joe Lee

With great pleasure, Tottenham Hotspur hosted the first Level Playing Field South Forum following the epidemic, bringing together teams and supporters to talk about best practices regarding accessibility at stadiums.

A nonprofit organization called Level Playing Field advocates for athletes with disabilities and works closely with teams to improve accessibility and inclusivity. They hold clubs and venues accountable while highlighting positive work and promoting best practices.

At Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, about a hundred people gathered, including Disability Access Officers from southern England clubs and representatives from their respective Disabled Supporters Associations.

The day’s events featured a panel discussion with our Disabled Supporters’ Association Chair, Dee Bright, the Club’s Disability Access Officer, Simon Blewett, and the illustrious Club Ambassador, Gary Mabbutt MBE.

Gary stated: “The Club has always been dedicated to being as inclusive as possible, and we were able to make sure that everyone who visited felt at ease and had places to go that were tailored to their needs thanks to our new stadium.

“Everyone who visits our stadium says how wonderful the facilities are, and we think we have the most accessible stadium in the world right now.

My brother had spina bifida when I was growing up in the 1960s, so we had to carry him up stairs to watch my father play football in football stadiums. Even hospitals did not have accessible facilities. The greatest chance for disabled individuals to enjoy their lives has been provided by the amazing advancements that have occurred throughout the years.

“It’s great to highlight the work that goes on,” stated Simon Blewett. It is our collective responsibility as Clubs to lower participation obstacles. Encouraging days such as this one help to reassure disabled football supporters that their needs are taken into consideration and that they can attend games with confidence.

“We are here to assist everyone’s right to a social life. In addition to being extremely fortunate to have this stadium and its wonderful amenities, we are also fortunate to have excellent personnel on hand to ensure that everything runs well.

“When it comes to this, there are no club rivalries—my teammates at other clubs are all friends, and we share best practices while striving for the same objective.”

Level Playing Field’s chief executive, Owain Davies, stated: “We are appreciative of the Tottenham Hotspur team for organizing a very fruitful forum.”
“Our regional forums aim to foster more cooperation between supporters, teams, and other relevant parties in order to improve accessibility and inclusivity. It is preferable to accomplish that in a setting where the club and the disabled supporters’ union have a strong working relationship and where accommodations for disabled fans have significantly improved recently.
“We appreciate all of the attendees and contributors for adding so much value to the event. The day was full of important discussion.”

The Club is totally dedicated to, supportive of, and driven to fulfill the highest standards of best practice in order to meet the needs of all parties involved with the Club, including personnel, supporters, and visitors, in relation to diversity and inclusion.

Access facilities include:

designated accessible entrances furnished with wheelchairs, headphones, induction loops, audio commentary headsets, and even dog bowls

More than 500 designated wheelchair-accessible seats at all levels and more than 250 wheelchair-accessible bays
There are three changing areas and 66 accessible restrooms on campus.

Supporters on the autistic spectrum can find a cozy and tranquil setting in the North Stand’s Sensory Suite.

For assistance animals, there are two dog spending places accessible.

British Sign Language (BSL) stadium tours and wheelchair skywalks are two other accessible visitor attractions.













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