“The Disruptive Force: Manchester United’s ‘Team Spirit Nightmare’ Spreading Chaos”

Manchester United should have avoided signing Andre Onana in the summer transfer window as ‘chaos eventually breaks out’ around the player.

According to writer Nico Dijkshoorn, who isn’t a fan of the custodian and stated as much in his recent piece for Voetbal International.

Onana joined Manchester United in the summer in a huge money deal from Inter Milan as the long-term replacement for David De Gea.

The transfer reunited him with Erik ten Hag, with whom he had worked at Ajax, and was expected to be the next step in Manchester United playing the game that the Dutchman desires.

Much has been made of his ability to play out from the back and the benefits it would bring to United’s style, but his talent with his hands has attracted the most attention thus far.

Onana has yet to establish himself as a credible number one, with his performances thus far seeming wobbly and unconvincing.

That trend continued in Saturday’s win against Brentford, when he failed to save Mathias Jensen’s opening despite it looking to be a strike he should have dealt with.

Much of Manchester United’s problems, particularly defensively, are now being attributed to Onana’s presence and Dijkshoorn can certainly believe that.

“Where Onana lands, chaos eventually breaks out,” he said.

“Onana is not a team player. Colleagues do not exist. Anyone can get a kick out of it unnoticed if Onana thinks he might be ready for another club.

“Onana is mercilessly selfish. It is also exactly why he is so dramatically poor at goalkeeping at Manchester United. Those types of goalkeepers, men who behave like spoiled strikers, are deadly for team spirit.

“At first glance, his journey through legendary clubs seems like a dream trip, but in the end it always goes wrong. He is now losing important games for Manchester United, and he was immediately sent home during the World Cup in Qatar.

“How do you make it clear to Onana that what he does doesn’t mean much? That he has to become a team player and stop balls without frills and gestures? Onana now does the opposite: being there for himself and letting balls through.”

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