“Sugar-Coated Success: Ange Postecoglou Strikes Up a Winning Relationship with Tottenham Chairman Daniel Levy”

Joe Lee

On Monday night, Postecoglou will face former Spurs manager Mauricio Pochettino. Pochettino famously wrote in his book “Brave New World” about how a staff-bonding activity in Argentina led to him, Levy, and his coaches taking to the sea.

Postecoglou paid credit to the formerly under-fire chairman for a successful start to the new season and acknowledged the significance of earning Levy’s trust, even though he laughed at the possibility of a recurrence happening.

“No, it’s not going to happen. Postecoglou remarked, “I have nothing against Daniel, but I’m not going white water rafting.

“You know, my connection with Daniel is pretty much the same as my interactions with every single person I’ve worked with at other clubs who hold significant decision-making authority.

“I require their faith in me. That’s the essence of it, and there are numerous methods to access that area. It doesn’t imply you have to chat to them every day or engage in social interactions with them.

“It’s about earning their belief and trust, since I can’t accomplish what I want to do without it. I am unable to make judgments about hiring players, changing the staff, or anything else unless those in authority have complete faith and trust in me.”

Chants for Levy to quit Spurs were common during the second part of the previous season, but after a brilliant start to the new one, the unrest has subsided, while demonstrations against ticket prices have persisted.

The Postecoglou

“They deserve the credit, of course, but I’ve handled those relationships equally.

“Getting people to trust and believe in me is my main goal when I enter a club. That applies to the person running the club or the person working on this floor down below. It is identical.

“I can’t accomplish what I want to do on my own, so I need everyone to believe in me. That is simply not how it operates.

“I’ve had a really healthy working relationship with Daniel and hopefully I’m gaining more of his trust to continue to do what I want to do.”

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