Show Me the Money: Super Bowl Bonus Breakdown for 9 Playoff Quarterbacks

As the NFL playoff race heats up, the stakes are not only high on the field but also in the bank accounts of the star quarterbacks leading their teams. We’ve crunched the numbers to give you an inside look at just how much these signal-callers stand to gain in bonuses if they hoist the Lombardi Trophy at the Super Bowl.

  1. Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs): Mahomes, the reigning Super Bowl MVP, could add a substantial bonus to his already impressive paycheck. Reports suggest that a Super Bowl win could bring him an additional [insert estimated bonus amount].
  2. Tom Brady (Tampa Bay Buccaneers): The legendary quarterback, no stranger to the Super Bowl spotlight, has a chance to pad his bank account even further with a potential bonus of [insert estimated bonus amount] on the line.
  3. Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers): Rodgers is eyeing a second Super Bowl ring, and a victory would not only solidify his legacy but also earn him an estimated bonus of [insert amount].
  4. Josh Allen (Buffalo Bills): The rising star of the Bills, Allen, could see a significant boost in earnings with a Super Bowl win, potentially pocketing [insert estimated bonus amount].
  5. Drew Brees (New Orleans Saints): In what could be Brees’s final season, a Super Bowl victory would be a fitting end, accompanied by a bonus of [insert estimated bonus amount].Lamar Jackson (Baltimore Ravens): The dynamic Ravens quarterback has his sights set on a Super Bowl, and a win would mean an estimated bonus of [insert amount].
  6. Baker Mayfield (Cleveland Browns): Mayfield’s stellar season has the Browns in contention, and a Super Bowl win would bring him an estimated bonus of [insert amount].
  7. Ben Roethlisberger (Pittsburgh Steelers): The seasoned veteran Roethlisberger could add to his impressive career with a Super Bowl win and a bonus of [insert estimated bonus amount].
  8. Jared Goff (Los Angeles Rams): Goff, looking to lead the Rams to glory, could secure an estimated bonus of [insert amount] with a Super Bowl victory.

It’s not just about the glory and the ring; these quarterbacks are playing for a considerable financial incentive. As the playoffs unfold, keep an eye on these talented players, not just for their on-field heroics but also for the potential impact on their bank balances. The road to the Super Bowl is paved with both dreams of victory and the enticing jingle of bonus dollars.

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