“Shocking Revelation: PGMOL Drops Bombshell VAR Audio on Luis Diaz’s Goal vs. Tottenham!”

Joe Lee

The audio for what transpired inside the VAR room when Luis Diaz’s goal was erroneously disallowed in our match against Tottenham Hotspur has finally been published.

The speed with which the judgement was taken suggests that VAR Darren England clearly felt he was allowing a goal, but what’s more concerning is that those in charge of transmitting the footage recognised the blunder before the officials in the room.

Michael Oliver also tries to pause and stop play due to the error, but is instructed not to since there is ‘nothing’ that can be done to fix the problem – according to the VAR and his assistant.

It’s a shocking watch and listen and still hugely calls into question why common sense wasn’t used to rectify this mistake, something which would have saved face a lot more than having to release this clip

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