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Sergio Aguero’s Bold Prediction: Lionel Messi Set to Shock David Beckham with Unexpected Inter Miami Departure!

Although David Beckham has expressed his desire for Lionel Messi to make an effect in the United States for many years to come, the Argentine superstar's best buddy has made an unexpected prediction.

It’s “only a matter of time” before the Argentine legend comes to Barcelona, according to Sergio Aguero, who thinks Lionel Messi might shock David Beckham and return to Inter Miami.

Earlier this year, the former captain of England’s MLS team signed him after facing stiff competition from the Saudi Pro League and his former team, Barca. He left European football for the first time in his club career to start a fresh chapter in the United States because the allure of Florida was too great to ignore.

The eight times The winner of the Ballon d’Or seems to have adapted well to life in the United States with his young family, already leaving his mark with a half-season full of silverware. Even yet, Aguero, his closest friend, remains certain that he might end his career with the team that helped establish his reputation.

After more than two years of residing in Catalonia, Aguero said in an interview with the Spanish publication AS that his best friend Messi still holds a special place in his heart for Barcelona. Messi “always said that he loves Barcelona,” according to his compatriot, who also added that he still feels “very identified with the club and city,” despite the great winger’s shocking departure two years ago.

Aguero did own up to the fact that he has “never discussed” the possibility of his retired former international teammate returning to Spain. The Argentine icon did, however, give Barcelona supporters something to cling to when he admitted that he believed his return to Camp Nou was “just a matter of time.”

Messi had a fantastic career in Catalonia, earning 35 awards throughout his tenure, before leaving Barca in 2021. After his contract with Barcelona expired, the 36-year-old left Spain and joined Paris Saint-Germain, where he spent two years.

Co-owner Beckham of Inter Miami, who has already predicted that Messi’s engagement in the country may continue when his playing career ends, is unlikely to be pleased with Aguero’s statement. With his signing over the summer, the World Cup winner secured a hefty two-year contract that practically made him the face of Major League Soccer, complete with commercial tie-ins with league partners Adidas and Apple.

“I see Leo’s involvement in the league a lot longer than his playing time,” Beckham stated to The Times. “To help recruit players and be involved in the club’s and US football’s development, we are eager to retain him on board. That will probably be just as much pleasure for him as it has been for me.

“I wanted to watch him arrive, carry out his duties with professionalism, and serve as an example for the young children in this place.

“He is a superstar, but the most humble superstar,” Beckham continued. And I adore seeing him work out. Anyone who has witnessed him perform live will attest to his uniqueness and specialness.”






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