“Report:Postecoglou believes Heung-min Son will soon require a new Spurs signing.”

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“Report:Postecoglou believes Heung-min Son will soon require a new Spurs signing.”

“Report:Postecoglou believes Heung-min Son will soon require a new Spurs signing.”

Son Heung-min will be an essential component of Ange Postecoglou’s future plans, he says, but he also mentioned that even the South Korean will want to sign a new striker as constructive competition.

Son was one of many Spurs players who had a difficult season the previous one, and the Lilywhites were in desperate need of him to perform well this year after Harry Kane left.

Postecoglou is not the least bit shocked by how the new Spurs captain has performed; the 31-year-old has succeeded in his role as the number nine.

“I have been fortunate to work with some good strikers, but he is elite in every sort of aspect of you know, attacking players who have played in the Premier League,” the Australian said to Football.London when asked about his experience working with Son.

People tend to forget that for much of his career, he has played out wide, but he has always been a goal threat, so I would be very surprised if by the time he is finished, which is quite some time away, he is not up there as one of the greatest strikers.

He already has a ton of goals for the year because I am putting him inside now. In my opinion, he leads the league in offside goals scored as well! He has been amazing, and I knew that even before I came here, but working with him every day and seeing the example he sets—both as a person and as a football player—is simply remarkable.

Even though Son has accomplished a lot at Tottenham, Postecoglou noted that what has most impressed him about the forward is his attitude and hunger.

“It is inspiring for me to see someone who, in terms of his own football pedigree, has climbed a mountain many times,” the 58-year-old said. “He loves what he does every day.”

He sees it as a blessing every day, and he spreads that feeling to other people every day. Next, he engages in that style of gameplay. He moves like he is just chasing balls as he runs around. As I previously stated, that continues to inspire me, and I am incredibly appreciative to be working with him.

The Tottenham head coach said that watching their captain and best player give it their all on and off the field sets the bar for the other players.

“That is the kind of definition of leadership,” he continued. When things are not going well, or when the chips are down, everyone looks to the leaders. What actions are your leaders taking? And I believe he just decided that during this time, I will not stop running regardless of what people say about me—good, bad, or otherwise.

And people are impacted by that. It does, as there is not much compensation for running—you do not get paid for just chasing the ball down—but as a teammate, I can not help myself if my best player, your leader, is doing it. I really can’t. I have to follow that lead, and he has been a tremendous force during this time where we have had to sort of dig deep and are still going through.

Son will insist that Tottenham acquire a new striker.

In response to the question of whether he plans to center the Spurs roster around Son, Postecoglou said, “Very much.” Sure. Yes, he will play a big role in what we are doing, but that does not mean we will not sign another striker—I believe Sonny would even demand it from me.

“My experience has shown that your best players want more talented players in the building if you want to assemble a winning team. They do not want to be comfortable and they are not comfortable.

They do not want to merely sit there and declare that they are the man. They want to know that they will be playing with players who share their drive for success, but Sonny will undoubtedly play a significant role in that.

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Elite strikers are frequently extremely self-centered and would rather hold onto their energy to have the biggest possible impact in the closing third.

Son, though, is one of a select few elite goal scorers who, should the manager require it of him, will sacrifice everything for the team and give it his all when out of possession.

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