“Report:Mikel Arteta, the manager of Arsenal, reacts to Pep Guardiola’s remarks following the Man City referee’s decision.”

Joe Lee

In response to Pep Guardiola’s remarks following Sunday’s 3-3 draw between Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur at the Etihad, Mikel Arteta has responded.

To avoid answering a question about the officiating during Tottenham Hotspur’s 3–3 draw at the Etihad, the City manager playfully brought up Arteta’s November outburst about referees at St. James’ Park.

After Eddie Howe’s team controversially defeated Arsenal, Arteta called the decision-making during the Gunners’ match against the Magpies a “disgrace” and “embarrassing” for English football. After Arteta’s remarks went viral on social media, the Football Association charged him, claiming that his remarks were improper because they were derogatory to referees and/or harmful to the integrity of the game.

After yet another controversial call on Sunday, this time from match referee Simon Hooper, who turned down Jack Grealish’s chance to score a goal in stoppage time, Guardiola was quick to bring up that moment.

Hooper played advantage after fouling Erling Haaland in the middle of the pitch, but the referee oddly blew his whistle after the Norwegian threaded a perfect ball for Grealish behind the Spurs defense.

When asked about the incident after the game, Guardiola made a sly jab at his former assistant, Arteta. “Next question,” he remarked. I will not make any remarks about Mikel Arteta. Now that play has been signaled, the referee will whistle after the pass. Therefore, I am not sure.”

Speaking to the media on Monday before his team’s midweek match against Luton Town, Arteta was questioned about Guardiola’s choice to bring up his outburst, and it seemed that the Spaniard did not want to get into the discussion.

“Onto the next question, thank you,” Arteta initially said.

He was then questioned about whether the phrase “doing a Mikel Arteta” would soon find its way into English football jargon to describe a manager’s protest of a refereeing call.

Not sure, he continued. Both in my plate and in my garden, I have enough.”

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