“Report: Barcelona determines the cause of the young player’s unsatisfactory season.”

Barcelona is positive that Balde's performance has decreased.

There is no denying that FC Barcelona has high expectations going forward. The club and management do not continue to have faith in players who are merely not good enough. Sometimes, though, it involves much more than just a lack of ability.

For reasons unrelated to physical limitations, some athletes fail to reach their maximum potential. Perhaps even more crucial for football players than their outside growth are self-assurance and mental well-being.

Alejandro Balde is one Barcelona player who does, for whatever reason, still struggle. During Barça’s La Liga winning season last year, the Spanish left-back burst onto the scene. His ascent to the top was rapid; he was perhaps even the breakout star of the Spanish season that campaign.

Balde accomplished what most players before him were unable to do by unseating Jordi Alba to take the starting left-back position for Barcelona. He was extremely dangerous because of his quick reflexes, deft passes, and self-assurance when taking players on.

But the current 2023–2024 season has not seen the same Blaugrana colors with Balde. According to SPORT, the Spaniard has been lacking something, and it is not a lack of ability or physical fitness.

According to SPORT’s primary source, Balde’s mentality is actually the primary source of his issues. It goes on to explain that the Spaniard is said to find it difficult to maintain concentration when playing. Generally speaking, this can result in inconsistent behavior and judgment errors.

Furthermore, based on the information given, Balde may not even be one of Barcelona’s more talented players. Balde does not appear to be as competitive or driven as the other members of the squad.

Barcelona is not overly concerned, nevertheless. La Blaugrana, according to the report, think that Balde’s problems can be fixed in due course. Barcelona is certain they can assist him in becoming his best self again because, at just 19, he still has a lot of years ahead of him.

However, Balde’s standing on the team is unquestionably declining. Joao Cancelo is undoubtedly winning supporters as a result of his own nearly faultless performance at left-back against FC Porto, and Marcos Alonso is still available intermittently. Therefore, it will be imperative for the youthful Spaniard to promptly win back Xavi’s trust.

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