“London Giants Strike Gold: Arsenal, Chelsea, and Tottenham Unleash Blockbuster Premier League TV Deal!”

The plan was approved by the 20 teams at an online Premier League meeting on Thursday, and it will now be presented to television providers in the coming weeks.

Arsenal, Chelsea, and Tottenham Hotspur were among the Premier League teams to support a proposal to broadcast more top-flight games live. The pact might result in a lot more games being televised live, as well as a completely new package being offered in the next TV contract.

According to The Mirror, all 20 Premier League teams voted on the idea during an online meeting on Thursday, September 28. It will now be presented to TV providers in the following weeks. Following consent from Arsenal, Chelsea, and Tottenham Hotspur, the existing £5.1billion three-year arrangement – with live rights divided between Sky, TNT Sports, and Amazon, who presently show 200 games each season – might see a significant shift.

The last TV deal that was agreed between the Premier League and broadcasters was “rolled over” until 2025 at the same value as the previous agreement for 2019-22 due to the financial impact from Covid. ‌This could see Premier League clubs expect a big increase in revenue, especially with more games likely to be made available to broadcasters.

It may also see a new broadcaster come into the market. However, it seems likely that Amazon and TNT Sports will look to expand the number of games they currently show compared to Sky Sports.

Amazon has two live gameweeks, TNT Sports (previously BT Sport) has 52 games, and Sky has 128 fixtures. The Premier League has underlined that no decision has been made on how many more games would be made available to broadcasters, or whether a new package will be introduced.

The Saturday 3 p.m. TV blackout is expected to persist, but one alternative that could appeal to spectators is to make all other games available. Overseas broadcast rights have skyrocketed in recent years, implying a significant increase in the next local TV agreement.

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