“Inside Xavi’s Barcelona: Loanee Reveals Secrets to Managerial Style”

Pablo Torre joined Girona on loan during the summer transfer window, seeking to gain more playing time. After all, his time at Barcelona was mostly spent on the bench.

Torre, despite making the transition, is not a regular starter for the La Liga squad. He is yet to appear in a league game for Michel’s team and plays slightly under 20 minutes each game.

According to reports, Xavi and Michel both feel that the youngster’s limitations are his defensive output and ball-handling.

Torre discussed his time in Catalonia, the fight for minutes, and his relationships with various people at the club in a recent interview with Radio MARCA.

He began by discussing how he handled the challenging circumstance in Barcelona and the beneficial lessons he learned from it. Torre said when asked if he became desperate at Barça as a result of his situation:

“Certainly not. I realised it was a difficult situation just by looking at the guys on the pitch. I stared at them a lot, and despite the fact that I didn’t have much time, it was a fantastic moment for me.”

The young midfielder went on to describe his fight for minutes under Xavi Hernandez and revealed that he was prepared for the worst.

“I didn’t get desperate at Barça because I always had the mentality to keep improving, knowing from the beginning that it was going to be difficult.”

Torre described his relationship with Xavi Hernandez, the rest of the coaching staff and how the management kept a close eye on his development at Girona.

“In general, he doesn’t talk much with the players either. It is true that his brother and the team were very close. I know that both they and the delegates are aware of what Eric García and I are doing in Girona.”

Finally, the 20-year-old was asked who his closest companions were in his present team, to which he said:

“Jordi Alba was a kind of godfather at Barça and now we end up getting more young people together.

“Miguel Gutiérrez, who came from Madrid (smiles). He was one of the first to welcome me and, when Eric García came, I tried to integrate him.”

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