“He is responsible for all three goals!”Following Manchester United’s draw with Galatasaray, Paul Scholes lashes out at Andre Onana”

Joe Lee

In Istanbul, the keeper committed two huge erro

In Manchester United’s 3-3 draw with Galatasaray on Wednesday night, Paul Scholes chastised Andre Onana for his performance, holding the goalie accountable for all three goals given up.

Alejandro Garnacho and Bruno Fernandes both scored excellent goals to put the Red Devils ahead early in the rain-soaked Istanbul match. However, Hakim Ziyech’s free kick tricked Onana and went in almost down the middle of the goal, bringing the team back to within one goal.

A second Ziyech free-kick that slipped past Onana was misread by the goalkeeper, Scott McTominay, who had just given United a two-goal lead back.

Shortly afterwards, Kerem Akturkoglu found space at his near post and fired a scorching effort to tie the score. Scholes, however, felt that Onana should have done better and criticized his jittery and clumsy performance.

Scholes remarked, “Well, what can you say?” on TNT Sports following the event. For the second goal, it is the same horrendous error. I wonder what he is really attempting to do—punch it out with his right hand, perhaps? It is feeble.

“He instills anxiety in everyone around him, including the defense and the entire team.” It appears extremely difficult for him to make simple saves.

“At the near post, beware of Galatasaray’s third.” Although there will undoubtedly be goalkeeper specialists who are more knowledgeable than we are, in my opinion, he should not be defeated at the near post.

In Istanbul, United suffered a great deal from Onana’s errors

“He is not positioned well.” All three objectives, in my opinion, are his fault. It appears that his technique is unnatural.

When asked if manager Erik ten Hag should bear accountability for the acquisition, Scholes replied, “In the end, managers must bear accountability for every signing they make.” It is unfortunate because he is been starting to look good over the past few weeks, particularly in the Premier League.

He is starting to look a lot better, but he is still making strange saves, and he has truly struggled in the Champions League.

Why is he acting so casually? I am not sure. He is grinning to himself when you see him there.

He seems a little too laid back, in my opinion. His level of concentration seems lacking, and as a goalie, focus is crucial.

“We have just got to shoot, cross the ball in, get the ball in and around him,” is what comes to mind when you consider the opposing team as well. You notice how uneasy and disoriented the goalkeeper is. It appears as though he will always give in!

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