“Gundogan on Pedri, De Jong, UCL, Future, and El Clasico: Barcelona vs Atletico Preview”

Joe Lee

Ilkay Gundogan, a midfielder for Barcelona, has explained his remarks following the team’s loss to Real Madrid, stating that he included himself in the criticism.

After Los Angeles defeated Real Madrid 1-2 in the El Clasico, the experienced German player caused a stir. Speaking to the media, a frustrated Gundogan claimed that he had not gone to Barcelona to lose this kind of match.

Nearly every Barcelona player was asked to respond to these remarks, which were taken in all possible ways. He now explained his stance in an interview with beIN Sports, saying (h/t SPORT):

“I have no power over how people interpret it. I expressed my genuine viewpoint without criticizing anyone or anything. Every time I criticize the team, I begin by criticizing myself.

“I am familiar enough with this industry to understand how it operates. I judge myself first, not other people, by looking in the mirror,” he continued.

In addition, Gundogan stated that he was only offering constructive criticism and that his intention was to ensure that “we do better because I see a lot of potential and quality.” And I want to always perform better.

“Even if we prevail 3–4 or 5-0, I always think there is room for improvement. Perhaps it’s my personality or mindset, but I never do anything maliciously.

Gundogan’s take on Champions League

Barcelona’s recent 2-1 win over FC Porto gave them the passage to qualify for the UEFA Champions League Round of 16 and Gundogan acknowledged that this is a big step for the team.

“This gives us some confidence and shows that we are on the right path. We are doing things well, although there are things for better, in the way we attack and defend.

“After the last two years, it was a small relief, although it was deserved. It can give us a boost of confidence,” said Gundogan while adding that these wins will send “positive vibes for the two big games that are coming to us.”

His future and playing with de Jong and Pedri?

Gundogan’s future has been thrown into question of late and reports have linked him with a move to Turkey. While addressing these rumours, he said: “I have found a home, with the family we feel happy and, on a sporting level, I am playing all the games.

“I need to get used to it. There is a lot of noise around. Everything is analyzed a lot. I need time to adapt, to a new country, a new culture, a new city, new people, and a new way of playing football, but I’m very happy.”

Gundogan is set to form a lasting partnership with the likes of Frenkie de Jong and Pedri now that Gavi is ruled out for the rest of the season. While speaking about his teammates, he said,

“I felt very comfortable playing alongside them. They arrived after injuries and now they are fine. We are going to improve with the games.


“We also play against very good rivals. You can’t dominate the entire game, there are moments when you have to fight. We can play better and be better, although I feel very comfortable next to teammates incredible.”

What is he expecting from Atletico game?

Barcelona face Atletico Madrid at home on Sunday and Gudogan acknowledged that Diego Simeone’s men are blessed “with an aggressive defence, physically stable, very demanding and with a mobile forward.

“They have players with a lot of technique and forwards capable of scoring many goals. It was seen in the derby when they beat Real Madrid. It was impressive.”

“They are a quality team and will compete to win the title, it is a direct rival for us.”

According to him, the formula to beat Atletico is to “be patient, we love possession. If we don’t rush, we will find the spaces to move the opponent and enter when a gap opens.

“Several actions must be carried out to make the gap arrive and this doesn’t happen directly by attacking quickly. We must have a lot of patience because of Atlético’s way of defending.”

“If we play better, we have a better chance of winning. It happened to us with City, that we lost some games before Christmas and then we came back. There is a lot left and the race is long,” he said.

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