“Gary Neville says one man is keeping Liverpool in the Premier League title fight with Arsenal and Man City because “he is proven he can win.”

Gary Neville claims that Jurgen Klopp’s presence is what is keeping Liverpool in the Premier League title fight this season along with Arsenal and Manchester City. Given their tactician’s track record of success, the former Manchester United defender thinks the Reds will be competitive going forward.

Following a 1-1 draw between Manchester City and Liverpool at the Etihad Stadium, the Premier League title race took a new turn. Arsenal was able to move up to the top of the table as a result, and they have stayed there.

Gary Neville believes that the Gunners and Cityzens are the teams best prepared to compete for the English championship this year. Although the Englishman is unsure of the Reds’ chances, he would not rule them out because of Klopp.

The Manchester United legend stated on the Gary Neville Podcast, “Liverpool, I am not sure about but then they have Klopp, so I think that is a factor because he can win and he is proven he can win.”

“That group of players is very good, and I believe Arsenal has what it takes to win a league.” Although there is still much to play for, Arsenal will become more confident the more points they lose.”

There was a two-horse race for the Premier League title the previous season, and Arsenal lost to Man City after blowing an eight-point lead. Neville thinks it would be interesting if the race came down to a two-horse race between them again because both teams are joining other teams in the fight this term.

“What I would like to see is another run-in between Arsenal and City; if Liverpool is there as well, that makes it a three-horse race, which is fantastic, but usually it ends up being between two.” I think Arsenal will handle it if they play Manchester City again, but it will be interesting to see how they respond, the man stated.

This midweek in Premier League action, Liverpool, Arsenal, and Man City

All of the major teams will be playing in the Premier League when it returns midweek after some exciting matches over the weekend.

Later on Tuesday, December 5, the Gunners, who are playing away from home against Luton Town, will be the first to participate. When Liverpool and Manchester City play their respective away games tomorrow (December 6) against Sheffield United and Aston Villa, they will both be playing on foreign soil.

Tomorrow at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea and Manchester United will also square off in a much awaited match. Other games to watch out for on Thursday, December 7, are Tottenham Hotspur vs. West Ham United and Everton versus Newcastle United.

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