“Fiery Clash: Roy Keane and Ian Wright Lock Horns Over Ange Postecoglou”

Ange Postecoglou might be on domestic football’s biggest stage now, but life at Tottenham or elsewhere will never be matched by the pressures he had to deal with at Celtic.

There is no doubt that there was huge pressure on the 58-year-old’s shoulders when he first stepped foot into the Celtic doors as an unknown figure.

Rangers won the championship under Steven Gerrard following a disastrous season on and off the pitch.

What’s fascinating is that both Roy Keane and Ian Wright got into a heated debate over whether Ange Postecoglou is ‘under pressure’ now that he’s at Tottenham Hotspur.

Roy Keane was emphatic: he isn’t! The simple explanation is that Harry Kane is no longer at the club, which lowers expectations, but more crucially, they haven’t won anything in over two decades, as he explained to The Overlap.

But former Arsenal striker Ian Wright was adamant in asking ‘How can he not be under pressure coming from Celtic to Tottenham?’ Read their lively exchange below.

From Celtic to Tottenham

“Ange Postecoglou has come in, under a lot of pressure,” said Wright. “And he is showing us that Tottenham are playing in a certain way.”

Keane then asked: “Who is under pressure?” to which Wright responded, “Postecoglou.” Keane added, “No, he isn’t!”

“How can he not be under pressure coming from Celtic to Tottenham?” questioned Wright.

Keane then responded: “There wasn’t any pressure because people weren’t expecting much. They sold Kane and it was like ‘let’s see how this goes?’”

“Where they expecting Tottenham to be doing what they are doing now?” Wright was questioned. “Absolutely not,” Keane responded.

“You’re saying Postecoglou is coming in at Tottenham with everything that’s going on,” IW says. “How can you not be stressed?”

“Because they sold Kane,” RK says. There are no expectations because the Spurs have done nothing for the past 20 years.”

Postecoglou flying high in the Premier League

It’s not going to surprise the Celtic fanbase because the supporters got to see week in and week out, the genius of the man.

From his never-say-die attitude to the manner in which he conducted himself in the media. It was all of the highest, highest quality.

And now he is in the Premier League, during these opening few months, the Treble-winning boss and Bhoys hero is taking it by storm because Spurs are sitting top of the table.

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