Dejan Kulusevski was ecstatic to score his equalizer at the Etihad Stadium on Sunday because he has revealed that his teammates and coaches constantly encourage him to attack the ball more effectively in the box.

According to The Athletic last week, Kulusevski, 23, is a highly well-liked player in the changing room because of his unselfish nature and the way he supports the team both in and out of possession.

One criticism that Spurs supporters may have of the Swede is that a player of his caliber ought to have more of an impact in the closing third of the game.

Kulusevski points out areas where he needs to improve.

In the 90th minute of the match against Manchester City, the winger dramatically accomplished that goal by outmuscling Nathan Ake and latching onto Brendan Johnson’s cross to turn it into the far corner past Ederson, who was rooted to the spot.

Although Kulusevski’s contact on the ball was not particularly clean, based on what he has heard from Ange Postecoglou and his teammates, the Tottenham attacker is just happy to have got something on the ball.

When he scored the equalizer, he told Spurs Play, “I like how shocked I was.” This is the story, then. In order to tackle the box, I believe I need to get better.

Every member of the team, including the coach, kills me every day for it. After entering and attacking the ball, the rest just flowed. Because I was on the ground, I was unable to even see the goal.

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With James Madison still a while away from playing again, we cannot just rely on Son to get us the goals. Hopefully, Kulusevski’s opportunities will now open as a result of that goal.

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