“Chris Sutton’s Explosive Revelation: Ange Postecoglou’s Impact After Tottenham Triumph Over Crystal Palace”

Joe Lee

Tottenham defeated Crystal Palace 2-1 tonight to extend their lead at the summit to five points under manager Ange Postecoglou’s team.

Heung-Min Son’s second goal and an own made sure it was another victory for the Spurs manager, who has had a significant impact on the team since joining in the summer.

It has turned out better than Postecoglou could have ever expected. Celtic fans are aware, of course, that it was always likely.

And that includes Chris Sutton, who made a daring statement regarding Big Ange tonight.

Naturally, we already know that Sutton adores Postecoglou, and the former Premier League striker makes a strong case for this.

He does, however, have a point. Since arriving in London, the Australian has shown off his skills greatly, and he has every right to be pleased with the praise he is receiving.

When the Spurs hired Ange in the summer, not a single fan in the country could have predicted how things would end up.

When it came to Daniel Levy’s managerial decisions at the time, he was further down the hierarchy. Because of this, it is even more amazing that he is accomplishing what he is.

Nights like this one usually serve as a good indicator for Tottenham, who are very much in the mix this season. They are definitely someone to watch because they ultimately passed it with flying colors.

Right now, there’s not much else you can say about Big Ange. Absolutely amazing.

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