Arsenal player’s improvement under management lauded – Proof that manager “performed a miracle”

Joe Lee

Roberto Mancini deserves greater credit for his efforts with Italy, as seen by his transformation of Arsenal’s Jorginho into a Ballon d’Or nominee.

That’s according to the outspoken Antonio Cassano, who has criticised the Arsenal player while praising Mancini.

Mancini unexpectedly resigned from his role as Italy manager earlier this year to pursue a position with Saudi Arabia.

It marked the end of his five-year tenure as manager of his country, during which he won the European Championships but failed to qualify for the World Cup.

The reaction to his leaving has been divided, with some praising him and others wondering if he was ever as talented as some claim.

Cassano is a fan and has lauded the 58-year-old today, stating that his work with Arsenal’s Jorginho demonstrates how wonderful he was for his nation.

“Mancini worked a miracle.” We were ordinary before him, but he made many players feel they were better than everyone else,” he added.

“There was talk in Italy about Jorginho winning the Ballon d’Or at one point.” Do you understand? “A footballer who struggles to kick and assist because he lacks speed and physique.”He does not play for Arsenal since they do not allow him to.

Rice signed his name. They don’t have Xavi and Iniesta. We made him a champion in Italy.

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