“Ange Postecoglou’s Astonishing Impact: How He Stunned Tottenham from Day One”

Joe Lee

Ange Postecoglou reportedly surprised his Tottenham Hotspur teammates shortly after joining the club in the summer.

According to The Evening Standard, Ange Postecoglou initially surprised clubgoers with his ability to remember their names.

Postecoglou has had a significant impact at Tottenham, leading them to the top of the Premier League table.

Tottenham increased their lead to two points with a win against Fulham on Monday, but they face a challenging journey to Selhurst Park tomorrow.

The Aussie boss has completely turned Tottenham’s fortunes around after walking into a difficult situation over the summer.

And while his early success on the pitch has been plain for all to see, it seems he’s having a similar impact behind the scenes at Hotspur Way.

How Postecoglou surprised his Tottenham colleagues

The Evening Standard reports that Postecoglou surprised his Tottenham colleagues from the off due to his ‘remarkable ability to recall names’.

It’s noted that he has also urged his players to be ‘good people’ and remember how lucky they are to be professional footballers.

Postecoglou has continued to impress since joining Tottenham from Celtic in the summer, and Spurs fans will be pleased to hear of the influence he’s had behind the scenes.

Spurs were anxious for a manager who could not only turn their fortunes around on the pitch, but also become the club’s figurehead.

So far, the former Celtic man has checked all the boxes, and Spurs fans will be hoping that his early success will lead to much-needed silverware.

But, for the time being, Tottenham fans are probably simply happy to see their team play again after four years of boredom. And it’s all because to one man: Ange Postecoglou.

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