“Ange Believes Spurs Have the Firepower to Chase Honors Year After Year!”

“Tottenham’s Ange Postecoglou Embraces High Expectations and Aims for Consistent Success Despite Trophy Drought”

Tottenham’s current head coach, Ange Postecoglou, is savoring his time with the Premier League leaders but remains unwavering about the club’s expectations, even in the face of their prolonged trophy drought.

Despite Spurs not securing silverware since 2008, fans are daring to dream of a title challenge, particularly after the team has earned an impressive 26 points out of 30 this season. This performance has propelled Tottenham to the top of the Premier League, with a five-point lead over Manchester City and Arsenal after their 2-1 victory against Crystal Palace on Friday.

Postecoglou is relishing his dream start in England but is eager to emphasize that the club should consistently compete for trophies. The former Celtic manager stated, “I didn’t come here to be unsuccessful. This club possesses all the necessary elements for success, and the expectations should reflect that. The yearning for a trophy is fueled by the belief that this is where the club belongs, and that’s the reality.”

He added, “My objective is to build a team capable of fulfilling the club’s aspirations. People’s perceptions don’t concern me much. This is a big club, and it should be in a position to challenge for trophies every season in my opinion.”

Postecoglou compared his approach at Tottenham to his time at Celtic, saying, “It’s not about getting carried away or remaining level-headed. It’s about consistently focusing on how we can improve.”

He concluded, “I take great satisfaction in what I do and relish each day. My primary objective is always, ‘How can we get better?’ The players, staff, and everyone at the club look to me for consistency. I come in every day with enthusiasm for my work. There’s no greater source of satisfaction for me. That’s who I am, and I’m very content with it.”

Postecoglou light-heartedly mentioned his avoidance of the dressing room after games due to the players’ music choices, joking, “Most clubs aim to turn their stadiums into fortresses; ours seems to be turning into a nightclub, mate. I’m all for it, whatever makes people happy—that’s my thing.”

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