“£42m Tottenham Talent Takes a Hit: Injury Strikes After Controversial ‘Stomp’ Incident Last Night”

Cristian Romero, a defender for Tottenham Hotspur, had to leave the pitch while representing Argentina versus Peru due to what looked to be an ankle injury.

One of the most crucial players for both the team and the nation is the vice captain of the Spurs. When he’s on his game, the incredible centre back is among the best, so seeing him leave the field in agony was unsettling, especially for Tottenham supporters.

Tottenham’s Cristian Romero suffers ankle injury in Argentina vs Peru

Tottenham star Cristian Romero started in the heart of Argentina’s defence in their 2-0 win over Peru late last night, but he suffered an injury very early.

In one of the first actions of the game, the Spurs defender was at the end of a ‘stomp’ by Peru attacker Paolo Guerrero, and that looked painful.

Romero got back up and continued to play. He seemed to have shaken it off and finished the first half, and TyC Sports reports that he had ice all over his ankle at half-time to help him recover.

The £42 million (Sky Sports) man came out for the second half, but after just two minutes, he signalled to the bench that he was in pain and could not continue.

Romero hobbled off the pitch and was replaced by German Pezzella for the remainder of the game.

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