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Despite Saudi Arabia's interest, Manchester United captain Bruno Fernandes insists remaining with the team is his top priority.

Although it is unlikely that a Manchester United player would publicly declare his intention to leave the team, players’ quiet may also be deafening at times.

Thankfully, Bruno Fernandes has taken swift action to thwart any attempts by the Saudi Pro League to entice him to leave.

According to Rudy Galetti, the Public Investment Fund (PIF) of Saudi Arabia has chosen Bruno Fernandes as a player with whom they wish to start contract negotiations in the upcoming year.

Bruno Fernandes puts an end to rumors

During the international break, Fernandes made a commitment to Manchester United while speaking in Portugal.

“Being coveted is always good, regardless of the League or the club,” he said, as quoted by TVI. But I’m content where I am and my attention is on Manchester United and the national team. We’re having a great time as a national team, but we didn’t get off to the ideal start against Manchester United. Long-term planning is not on my mind.

I don’t pay much attention to market rumors because they are unwelcome things. I don’t care what I see unless something specific occurs to me. Market speculations can spread quickly through the media these days. I’d rather be concentrated.

It’s critical to confront conjecture.

It’s critical for the player to dispel any uncertainty because the transfer rumors might not be true. Paul Pogba’s mistrust of Manchester United began to develop at this point.

The Frenchman frequently fueled the rumors about his future during international vacations, despite the fact that they were likewise not particularly credible. It used to be a trend that once he left the country, rumors would start to circulate, frequently as a result of one of his own careless remarks.

He stated, “Real Madrid is a dream for any kid or footballer, and especially with Zidane,” as cited by The Mail in 2019. Although I am content at United, you never know what will occur the next day.

Many saw it as an entreaty to come fetch me.

However, it was remarks like these, whether they were from Pogba, his brother, or agent Mino Raiola, that caused United supporters to turn against him. From there, things started to go south due to a combination of uneven performances and health problems.

Pogba has always been expected by United supporters to say that he is committed to the team, mean it, and then prove it.

Because of this, Bruno Fernandes should lead by example and commit to the team for the long term, particularly now when the group is going through a difficult period on the field.




A few players may like to take a similar approach. In recent weeks, there have been rumors that Casemiro and Raphael Varane will join the Saudi Pro League.

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