“😡🔴 Barcelona Chaos Unleashed: Star Slapped with Double Yellow Fury in Just 30 Seconds, Teammates Go Ballistic! ⚽️🌪️ Brace for Impact as the Badass Showdown Takes Center Stage!”

Several teammates chastised Sergino Dest for his spoiled behavior, which resulted in his being given two yellow cards in a 30-second span during the USA's loss against Trinidad and Tobago.

Barcelona player Sergino Dest received two yellow cards in a thirty-second span while on international duty, which caused his USA teammates to lose their minds.

In their 2-1 CONCACAF Nations League quarterfinal loss to Trinidad and Tobago, the 23-year-old made his debut for his nation. In the 39th minute, Dest lost his cool when he thought he had the ball in play, but the referee gave the opponent a throw-in.

In addition, the midfielder is eager to return to his birthplace, and Thiago is a player who might fit in well with Xavi Hernandez’s system.

In retaliation, the defender booted the ball away and then yelled at the referee while covering his mouth, earning him his first yellow card. Dest persevered in yelling at the referee, who gave him his marching orders after showing him a second yellow, despite the efforts of US teammate Gio Reyna to contain him.

While Nottingham Forest’s Matt Turner had some words to say to Dest as he strolled behind the US goal on his way off the field, Fulham’s Tim Ream yelled at the 23-year-old US player, who had just furiously blown a kiss to the referee.

Even though the US lost 2-1 while leading 1-0 at the time of the right-back’s dismissal, they still advanced to the Nations League semifinal after winning the first leg 3-0. After the game, Ream, 36, criticized his teammate and revealed he had some private things to share with Dest.

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