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Everton may have to give up on their dreams of waiving a £10 million price for Dele Alli after assigning responsibility to Tottenham for their deduction of points.


Dele left North London after seven years as he secured a free transfer with Everton in January 2022. The English midfielder is currently seven games away from achieving 20 appearances, and the Toffees also promised to pay Spurs a £10 million fee once he reached that milestone.


Everton and Spurs reportedly discussed reorganizing the Alli deal during their meeting last month, according to the Daily Mail. Given their current financial difficulties, the Toffees would find it difficult to pay his cost in full, but Tottenham was willing to reach a solution that would benefit all sides. The story also claims that Spurs have responded strongly to an Everton assertion in the 41-page written ruling about Richarlison’s summer 2022 transfer to the club that the Premier League published last week.


Everton assert that they were docked points for breaking Premier League financial regulations because Daniel Levy refused to pay £80 million ($100 million) for the Brazilian forward. The club claims that this was “directly attributable to PSR calculation difficulties” because the Toffees ultimately settled for a fee that was £20 million ($25 million) less than their initial estimate. According to The Mail, Spurs consider the charge against their chairman to be “absurd,” and there have been hints that the two teams’ relationship is irreparably ruined.


Dele is currently in limbo as a result of the independent commission’s rejection of Everton’s attempt to use the Richarlison transaction as a justification for their excessive spending. Since suffering an injury in February while on loan at Besiktas, the 27-year-old has not participated in any professional football games. The door is still open for Dele to rejoin Everton if he can demonstrate his fitness, but it’s unclear when the former England international will play again because of his ongoing struggles with mental health off the field.

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