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“🌟😍 Unbelievable Revelation! £6m Arsenal Sensation Ecstatic as ‘Dream Come True’ Moment Unfolds During This International Break! ⚽💥 Don’t Miss the Heartwarming Story That Has Fans Buzzing!”

Now, Gabriel Martinelli, an Arsenal player, has been rejoicing after making history for Brazil over the weekend by scoring against Colombia.

Speaking through Gazeta Esportiva, Martinelli emphasized how significant the occasion was for him and his family.

Of fact, only a few years prior, at the age of 18, Martinelli was participating in lower division football in Brazil.

The 22-year-old Arsenal star has eight caps and one goal for his nation as of right now.

Martinelli expressed his relief and claimed that his first ambition had been realized—a dream come true.

It was a dream come true, he remarked. This was a desire I had always had since I was a young child, and it meant a lot to my family and myself.

The record dropped over an extended period of time. It was a dream come true when the game ended and it actually happened. I’m overjoyed.

Now that Martinelli is playing for Brazil and Arsenal, it appears as though the winger’s potential is limitless.

Martinelli hopes to establish himself as a regular starter for his country, despite the fact that his goal came in a heartbreaking loss.

Martinelli of Arsenal was outclassed to score Brazil’s first goal.

Arsenal now has to consider the 2019 contract, which they signed for £6 million, to be the finest in the team’s recent history.

Although it would be tough to quantify Martinelli’s value at this point, given his caliber, it might even surpass the £105 million Arsenal spent on Declan Rice this summer.

Although, Arsenal fans won’t have to worry about any imminent departure.

Martinelli is a fixture of this Arsenal team, and he will now be hoping to be able to say the same for Brazil.

National media in Brazil were very impressed with Martinelli’s display against Colombia, and the winger must now be hoping for another start against Argentina.

The game takes place just after midnight on Wednesday, something that could prove an issue when returning to Arsenal.

Mikel Arteta’s team face Brentford on Saturday afternoon, which doesn’t allow an awful lot of time for recovery after extensive travel

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